G r u p o   D u l  S o n

La dulzura de Cuba


This group is a combination of very talented musicians who came together at the request of my company, Cuba-co in the Netherlands. I wanted them to join forces and play together.  I am talking about “my” king of the tres-guitar, Emilio Ramos Batista, the tres player of the group Sierra Maestra and of the energetic violin player, Pedro Caballero Mozo, the director of the group Mi Son. An artist known by his artistic name El Capitan was also among the musicians that I admire, so he had to be included. The result was marvellous. With their approval, I decided to record what they had played for me at my private party in Havana. Yes, a perfect combination! The other musicians in the group were selected by Emilio and Pedro. I was very impressed with them all. The result was so sweet, I called them DulSon (dulce Son, or sweet Son music). You can hear it yourself on the demo and if you want to hear more, make sure you book them because this group can not disappoint you, I am sure.

I present to you the members of   …  G r u p o   D u l  S o n :


PEDRO LUIS CABALLERO MOZO (violin & vocals).


Pedro Caballero has deep roots in Santiago de Cuba, the land of Los Matamoros and Compay Segundo.  He obtained his diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1984 in Transportation, in addition to which he studied the violin at the Santiago Esteban Salas School and at Alejandro Garcia Caturla C. in Havana. His travels in music went from the Choir CDR Santiago de Cuba as a tenor, Orquesta Charanga Colorama, System Group 9, Grupo Ekue, Grupo Iya-Son, together with the now famous singer Pablo FG, Alberto Tosca Trio, popular Cuban singer. Grupo Son Reve, sponsored at that time by the teacher Elio Reve, Grupo Son Damas  (initially mixed) as vocalist. In 1992, together with other young musicians based in Havana City, the Septet MI SON, of which he has been, even today, the general director, composer, violinist, and vocalist for eight years. He alternates with the band de la trovador KINDE and also works as a violinist in  the popular Orquesta Charanga Estrellas Cubanas, which is directed by the violinist Feliz Reyna. Accumulating a wealth of international experience in countries like France, Spain, Italy, Andorra, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgina, Israel (Ramalahaa and Jerusalem), Chile, Barbados and Guadeloupe.

DISCOGRAPHY, CD Si, soy el son with Ayva Music, Spain, CD • Guantanamera with EMAP France, CD • Pasaje A co-production of EGREM-Cuba and NOOSFERE-France all with MI SON and Alma de Pirata •  with COLIBRI together with La Banda del trovador “KINDE”. Member of UNEAC.

FILM, the film • Colour Havana , France-Cuba co-production, broadcast on ARTE in Europe in May, along with Mi Son, including the issue of her authorship "Dame la Luz".


Emilio is from Camaguey. Tresero, guitarplayer and sonero. Member of UNEAC. He began his professional activities in music, with the Combo Serenatas de Florida, the famous international quartet of  Carlos Puebla y sus Tradicionales  (author of Hasta siempre comandante), the Conjunto Tipico de Sones, the famous and International Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro, the popular group  Manguaré , grupo de¨Alfredo Valle y su Sazon ¨, the group of Seve Matamoro (daughter of Miguel Matamoros). And now a member of the renowned international group Sierra Maestra. Accumulating a large and rich international experience in countries like Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, England, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, USA, Austria, Marta Islands, Australia, Guadalupe, Canada, Cape Verde and other countries.  Member of UNEAC.

Discography: CD  Rumbero soy and 2 more CD’s with Sierra Maestra . Also invited and recorded as a guest in productions with Manolito Simone and La Fania Orestal directed by  Jerry Masuzi, with orquesta Reve and others.

Film: in the documentary  Salsa with Sierra Maestra.

ISBEL GARCIA HERNANDEZ ( piano, compositions, arrangements).

Originally from Havana, but through his family also with deep roots in Santiago de Cuba, Isbel studied music at the School in C. Alejandro Garcia Caturla Havana. He has worked as a composer and arranger in various orchestras and bands, also as a musical director to some of them. He has a rich musical experience in bands like, Yagruma, The legendary star of Chocolate, The group Clave Cubana, La Maraca-Ache Orchestra, La Orquesta Havana, Salsa Show Hotel Capri, Grupo Orison, Grupo Mi Son, the band of Nelson Manuel y La Corte, the Orchestra of the Copa Room, show's at the Hotel Riviera. His international experience was obtained in countries like France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, USA, Andorra, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Cayman Islands.

Discography: a CD with ¨ Jibaro's Son (as a pianist and arranger),  produced by EGREM.

OSCAR ANTONIO NUÑEZ ALFONSO ( lead voice and flute ).

Oscar comes from Villa Clara.  He also graduated in clarinet at the National School of Art in Havana City, has also played the flute, the clarinet and as a vocalist in different bands and groups, such as ¨La Orquesta 440¨, as a saxophonist and flautist, Banda del Estado Mayor del Ejercito as a clarinetist, and Grupo Raices Nuevas  as a saxophonist, the popular Qrquesta Aliamen as flutist, Septeto Tipico de La Habana as lead singer and currently also with Grupo Los Reyes 73, as lead singer. In addition to other international projects, accumulating a wealth of international experience, countries like Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, England, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Marta Islands, Curacao and Guadalupe.

Discography: 2 CDs recorded with La Orquesta 440, produced by EGREM.

Film: a video clip, televised in Cuba, together with "Los Reyes 73”.

GERARDO (PACHI) MAYETA GRANDA  (lead voice and guïro)   

Gerardo Mayeta Granda comes from Santiago de Cuba and has an impressive curriculum vitae as a singer with groups from both Santiago de Cuba and Havana, such as the group Tierra Caliente, the orquestra Los Tainos, Charanga Ritmo Oriental, Enrrique Alvarez y su Charanga Latina, the group of Enrique Botne, the group of Papa Gofio y su Poder, the group LM Sobredosis, the orquestra Habana Salsa del Show of hotel Capri, het orquesta America, the group OriSon and other groups. His international experience was obtained in countries such as France, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guadalupe and Ethiopia.


ROBERTO SMITH IZQUIERDO  "Capitan" ( percussion ).

Born in Matanzas, the land of "rumba" and of Los Muñequitos de Matanza. Roberto began his professional career in 1990 in Cienfuegos, with the Orquesta Jagua, then went to Orquesta Inmensidad,  Conjunto Musica-Habana, Grupo Liga Social,  Grupo Cuba Ritmo, Banda Maquina del Sabor, Grupo Cafe con K, grupo de Agustin y los 10 later called Medico de la Salsa, Orquesta Hector Valentin, Banda Son del Indio, the Septeto Tradicion Cubana and others. He has international experience in countries such as Belgium, Holland and France. Member of UNEAC.

Discography: a CD with the Orchestra of Hector Valentin and another CD with Angelito Bogne y su grupo.

RAFAEL BERMUDEZ RODRIGUEZ (double bass, compositions, arrangements)

Rafael began professionally in 1983 as the bass player of the Orchestra Típica “Nueva Ilusión”, in his native city, where he made his first compositions and orchestrations. In 1996, he founded his own group, the Septeto " Sonority ".  Within groups such as, the Septets " Barricada " and "Traje Nuevo" grupo "Soneros de Verdad", he was employed as the Musical Director;  of the Teacher Nicolás Sirgado; the popular group The Surik", The Quartet Careenings", as contra baseplayer and Musical Director and also with Orquesta "Conexión Salsera", of the teacher Maestro Nicolás Sirgado; el popular grupo "Los Surik", El "Cuarteto Carenas", as contra baseplayer and Musical Director of María Victoria y su Grupo. He worked next to the outstanding Cuban interpreter, Thin Soledad, as a musician, composer, arranger,  director and Musical Producer. He composed and orchestrated topics for the popular Santiaguera and Son singer Charity Hierrezuelo, accompanying her on a tour through severalcities of Europe.  Member of UNEAC.

Participated in national and international events: Festival of the French Song; tour through Central America (Nicaragua and Costa Rica, 1994-95), where he carried out concerts with several artists of the area, among them, the Guatemalan singer-songwriter Arjona; in the year 2000. Morocco, (invited by his Majesty, The King); in 2001, Festival of the Arts of Columbia (USA) and in the same year, he traveled to the USA, where he made several concerts in important North American scenarios as the Lincoln Center and the Nells Cuban Club", of the New York. Festival ”Son Cuba” (Germany-Austria) 2001. In the years 2000 and 2004, together with well known Cuban and international names, among those that of Manolito Simonet and Caridad Hierrezuelo. In 2002 the Festival CARIFLORA, (Jamaica).  

He shared scenarios next to well known figures such as Ricardo Arjona, Efraín Ríos, María Victoria Rodríguez, José L. Cortés, Lazarito Valdés, Adalberto Álvarez, Caridad Hierrezuelo, Manolito Simonet, Pancho Amat, Segundo, Soledad Delgado, etc...  

As instrumentalist, composer and arranger, he worked on cd’s such as:  

CD: "Habana a flor de Piel" of the group Sintesis, nominated the Latin Grammy 2002 next to Dog Valdés, Pablo Milanés, Tata Güines, May Rivera, among others.  
CD: “Dame un chance" (Septeto Traje Nuevo).
CD: “Son Esperanza". (Septeto with the same name) 
CD: “Mientras Tanto",  of the minstrel Carlos Céspedes.  
CD: “Afíliate Bailador", (Sindicato de la Salsa, Puerto Rico).
CD: “Abran Paso que me voy", (Donaldo Flores)

His musical work reached international relevance when placed in the Hit Parade of Tampa Bay, USA, at the beginning of the 2000, the Rich topic Guarapo recorded by the Septeto “Traje Nuevo” and more recently, a version of this same topic is placed on the lists of the Hit Parade in Puerto Rico and other towns of USA, as Los Ángeles, San Francisco, California, Tampa Bay, recorded by “El Sindicato de la Salsa”, besides being listened to in several countries of Europe and also recorded by the Cuban Donaldo Flores.

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