VOCAL TEMPO                                    
                  “SON  CAPPELLA”                   

Vocal Tempo develops the artistic concept of imitating the sound of musical instruments with the voice. The band obtains an excellent musical quality along with an exquisite sound in the different genres of their repertoire. This repertoire alternates personal compositions with classical and popular songs, revised all of them in a very personal manner. 

Vocal Tempo’s live concerts produce the strange sensation of listening to each of the different instruments in a band without seeing any of them. The voices are amazing instruments enough to offer the public sounds such as bass, guitar, percussion or metals.

The group’s energetic put in scene dissipates any possible doubts about their aptitudes, proving their talent and experience as musicians. It is impossible to remain indifferent after their performance.

Vocal Tempo started their professional career in 1998, after each member had already participated in different Cuban vocal groups.

The group has participated in many festivals and events such as Estivalia (Cáceres, 1998), Jazz Plaza en La Habana (La Habana, Cuba, 1999), XII Festival Internacional de Música Viva, (Veruela, Zaragoza, 2001), Castillos de Aragón Festival, Festival a Capella de Hannover (Hannover, Germany), Festival a Capella de Montcada (Barcelona, Spain, 2003), Festival Latino Villa de Teror (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 2003), Festival Acústica del Centro Cultural de La Villa (Madrid, Spain, 2004), Festival Internacional de San Juan (Alicante, Spain), Tempo Latino Festival (Vic Fecenzac, France, 2004 and 2005), Jazz Festival (Catstown, Holland, 2004), Festival Internacional en Clave de Son (Santander, Spain, 2004), FESTILAC (Geneva, Switzerland), Blues Festival (Chedigny, France, 2008) and Música de Cuba (France, 2008).

They have also carried different shows during their tours around Germany, Spain, Nicaragua, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Holland, performing in Auditoriums, Theatres, Squares and prestigious concert halls such as Clamores (Madrid, Spain), Luz de Gas (Barcelona, Spain), Quabar (Germany), La Bodeguita (La Haya, Holland) or the National Theatre of Nicaragua among others.

After Vocal Tempo’s participation on the television show Noche Cubana, one can be sure of its secure succeed and future career. Despite the group’s youth they proved well to be expertise musicians performing with Típico Oriente, Soledad Delgado, Chicas de La Habana y Caridad Hierrezuelo “La Guarachera”.

In the year 2002 the group recorded their first album, “Debocaenboca”, in the Delicias Discográficas Recording Studio in Zaragoza, Spain.

The second album, “Bien Monta’o”, was recorded in the Zouma Records Studio, in Ourense, Spain. The album published in the summer of 2005 was presented in different Spanish cities as well as in Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Italy, France and Brazil.

At the end of the year 2008, Vocal Tempo participated in the Spanish television contest, “Factor X”, from Cuatro TV. The group was proclaimed as winner of the contest. As part of the prize Vocal Tempo got a contract with SONY Music to record and published their third album which started distribution in May of 2009.

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